Airport Masterplan

Download a copy of the Adopted Karratha Airport Masterplan and Land Use Plan 2013-2033 (9MB PDF)

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Main Apron Security Requirements

Karratha Airport is a security controlled airport. The requirements of the Aviation Transport Security Act and Regulations apply to airside activities.

The main apron is a Security Restricted Area during the operational period of the airlines. As such security measures including the screening of itinerant aircraft crew and their passengers, and the inspection of items going to the main apron may apply. Pilots are responsible for the close escort of passengers to and from the terminal building, and ensuring separation from screened airline passengers.

The airside of the airport is security controlled and therefore a valid Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) must be worn at all times. The requirements of the Aviation Transport Security Act and Regulations apply to airside activities. Further detail on security requirements for your visit can be obtained by contacting the Duty Airport Reporting Officer (ARO).

Online Inductions
Karratha Airport (KTA) is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our workers, contractors and visitors across our operations.

As such, it is a requirement for all staff members (including contractors and subcontractors) working at Karratha Airport to complete the mandatory Karratha Airport General Induction prior to commencing work.

*Please Note: The Karratha Airport is currently transitioning online training systems and as of 1 January 2020 the online system is not available. We are working to launch a new and enhanced training system mid-late January 2020.

If you have new staff commencing work at the Karratha Airport please email their details to where we will be able to provide information of upcoming training sessions run by Airport Management.

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ASIC & VIC Applications

Under the Aviation Transport Security Act and Regulations, you must have an operational need to be airside at Karratha Airport (KTA). If you require unescorted access airside at KTA you must comply with the requirements for a background check as per the regulations and must be wearing a valid Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC).

Karratha Airport (KTA) issue AUS or KTA specific cards.

Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)
Karratha Airport is no longer an Issuing Body for Karratha specific ASIC, this has now been handed over to Airport Security Pty Ltd (Security ID).
To apply for an Australia or Karratha ASIC please follow this link 

Visitor Identification Card (VIC)
If you have an operational/lawful requirement to visit the security controlled area of Karratha Airport and do not hold a current ASIC you will need to apply to a VIC and be escorted by an ASIC holder at all times.

Save time and pre-register your visit online - Apply for a Visitor Identification Card

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Authority to Drive Airside (ADA)

Karratha Airport requires all airside drivers to comply with Karratha Airport's Authority to Drive Airside (ADA) regulations as outlined in the below ADA manual and handbook.

Each driver is to complete the required Karratha Airport General Induction and relevant training courses in addition to the below application form and theory exams for all Category 1, 2 and 3 drivers.
Each category and how to sit a practical test is outlined in the available manuals and issuance, rules and regulations below:

* ADA's are valid for a 2-year period
* Please refer to the Karratha Airport Fees and Charges for ADA costs.

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Airport and Aerodrome Facilities Conditions of Use

Download a copy of the Conditions of Use (150KB PDF)

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Advertising at Karratha Airport is contracted to WA Billboards – Steve Robinson – 0411 518 049.

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Fees and Charges

Download a copy of the Karratha Airport Fees and Charges (PDF)

Download the Request for Refund of Lost Ticket form (PDF) 

Please note: If you have lost your car park ticket, it is at the discretion of the City of Karratha and Karratha Airport to waive the $200 lost ticket entry fee and to charge an estimate fee for car parking minus $35.00 admin fee for the cost of investigating your claim. We will endeavour to verify your entry and exit details using the information and evidence you provide and our CCTV and data records.

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Aviation fuel is available from Viva Energy on 08 9185 2015, or Karratha Refuellers - Air BP on 0499 747 727. For further details please refer to ERSA (via Airservices Australia

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Obstacle Limitation Surfaces Plans

Download the current Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) plans for Karratha Airport:
OLS Overall Plan (PDF 3.5MB)
OLS Western Approach (PDF 2.1MB)
OLS Eastern Approach (PDF 2.5MB)
OLS Transitional & Obstacles Plan (PDF 2.2MB)

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Karratha Airport RWY 08/26 Current Annual Survey Details

Download the current annual survey details for Karratha Airport RWY 08/26 (PDF 0.44MB)

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Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for answers to some of our more commonly asked questions.

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