Passenger Security Screening Upgrade

Commencing Monday 10 August 2020, Karratha Airport will be upgrading the passenger screening equipment in accordance with an Australian Government Directive and to strengthen aviation security.

The upgrade includes;

  • The installation of a Body Scanner; and

  • The upgrade of carry-on baggage x-ray screening equipment

Karratha Airport is always looking for ways to improve travel efficiency for passengers, while providing a safer and more seamless way of moving quickly through the airport.

The new screening equipment provides enhanced capabilities whilst maximising passenger throughput. The new technology will aid in the detection of concealed objects hidden inside or under clothing, including metallic/non-metallic weapons, liquids and narcotics.

The scanners are equipped to detect a broader range of contraband than currently available.

The scanners will also help to reduce physical contact by security officers by reducing the need for partially clothed searches. Staff operating the scanners will see a generic body silhouette and not actual body images which will clearly show any objects carried on the body and will then be able to determine whether there are suspicious items hidden on an individual.

Installation of the new equipment is set for completion by Friday 14 August 2020 and fully operational by 31 August 2020. During this time there may be unexpected delays; however we will strive to ensure minimal disruptions to passengers and operations.

Additional security staff will be on hand during this period to assist with the introduction of the new equipment.

To learn more about passenger screening, visit the Department of Home Affairs TravelSECURE website.


Frequently Asked Questions QPS201 Body Scanner

Q: Is the body scanner safe from radiation?

A: All body scanners in Australia use non-ionising millimetre-wave technology. This means they do not emit ionising radiation like that of x-rays. The low intensity waves and short duration of the scan means you are exposed to less energy than other common everyday devices such as mobile phones.

Q: Is the Body Scanner harmful for pregnant women?

A: No. The millimeter waves do not penetrate the skin and therefore pose no known health risks from undergoing a scan.

Q: Can I go into the body scanner if I have a medical device, aid or implant?

A: Be sure to inform screening officers if you have any medical devices, aids or implants before being screened.

Alternative screening will be provided for those passengers who are medically or physically unable to undergo a body scan.

Q: When going through the body scanner will my picture be displayed on the screen?

A: No. Body scanners used in Australia display a generic outline of a person with no identifying features (or body parts).

Q: Can I refuse to go through the body scanner?

A: Body scanners are used at Australian airports to detect prohibited items worn or carried on your body. Use of a body scanner is random; you can be selected at any time. Refusing to be scanned means you will not be allowed to pass through the security screening point or board your flight.

If you have a medical or physical condition that prevents you from being scanned by a body scanner, please advise the security screening officer.

Q: Do I need to remove my jacket before going through the body scanner?

A: If you are asked to use the body scanner you must remove outer layers of clothing (like jackets and jumpers) and take all items out of your pockets.


For more tips to help you prepare for your journey please visit the TravelSECURE website here.