Rates & Information

  • Short Term Parking, Effective 1 July

    0-60 mins FREE
    1-2 hrs $6
    2-3 hrs $8
    3-4 hrs $9
    4-5 hrs $10
    5-6 hrs $11
    6-7 hrs $12
    7-8 hrs $25
    Per day thereafter $25

    All rates inclusive of GST

    $25 maximum charge in 24 hour period.  Each extra day $25 or part there of no hourly prices apply.

  • Long Term Parking, Effective 1 July

    1 day $18
    2 days $34
    3 days $50
    4 days $66
    5 days $82
    6 days $98
    7 days $114
    Per day thereafter* $16 (8-14 days)
    Per day thereafter* $14 (14 days onwards)

    All rates inclusive of GST

    *Daily price applies to 24 hour period or part thereof

    Failure to vacate car park within 20 minutes will result in additional fee being charged.


Please note: If you have lost your car park ticket, it is at the discretion of the City of Karratha and Karratha Airport to waive the $200 lost ticket entry fee and to charge an estimate fee for car parking minus $35.00 admin fee for the cost of investigating your claim. We will endeavour to verify your entry and exit details using the information and evidence you provide and our CCTV and data records.

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for answers to some of our more commonly asked questions.

Conditions of entry and limitation of liability

These conditions of entry form part of the contract between yourself and the City of Karratha as owner/operator of Karratha Airport for the provision of a Car Park service as evidenced by your Car Park ticket and your entry into the Car Park. 

Read full conditions of entry and limitation of liability



Information for operators

Shuttle service operators (183KB PDF)

Tour and charter operators (175KB PDF)

Taxi operators (174KB PDF)



Rental information

There are a number of car hire companies that service Karratha Airport. Rental Cars customer service desks can be found opposite the baggage carousels in the Arrivals area of the Terminal. 

Avis                                                        08 9144 4122      www.avis.com.au

Budget                                                    08 9144 2136      www.budget.com.au

Europcar                                                 08 9183 8453      www.europcar.com.au

Hertz                                                      08 9144 1666      www.hertz.com.au

Thrifty                                                     08 9143 1711      www.thrifty.com.au

Bus services

Dave’s Transit Van                                  0417 943 208      www.davestransit.com.au

Executive Transfer Australia Pty Ltd          0449 818 557      sherrie@exectransfer.com.au

Kanga Van                                             08 9183 8848      www.kangavan.com

Northfleet Airport Transfer                      08 9144 1000      www.northfleet.com.au

Pilbara Transit Services                           0427 831 755      www.pilbaratransit.com.au

Pilbara 4WD Charters                             0414 607 150      www.pilbara4WDCharters.com.au

Taxi services

Karratha Taxi                                        13 13 30               taxi@kisser.net.au

Premier Taxi                                         13 10 08               premiertaxis@bigpond.com


Taxi Feedback

If you would like more information about taxi services in Western Australia or would like to give feedback about your taxi journey, please visit the Western Australian Department of Transport website.

Please take note of the taxi license plate and driver numbers, and the date and time of your journey.


Have a question about Karratha Airport? 

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for answers to some of our more commonly asked questions.


Bus Parking and Conditions of Use

The following document outlines the new operation of the car park, and the conditions of use;

  • Parking for large buses with more than 22 seats and oversized vehicles is available in the designated bus and oversized vehicle parking area as identified on the above map. Time limit applies to the parking area.
  • Access to the terminal for passengers is via the pathway along Norman Road. For safety reasons, please direct your passengers to use this path. Walk time to terminal is approximately 3 minutes.
  • Only coaster buses (11 and 22 seat buses) will be allowed into the designated pick-up and drop-off zone at Karratha Airport in front of the terminal. A proximity card and permit is required for buses wanting to use this lane. Proximity cards and permits are available from the airport office upon completion of the attached form and payment.
  • Access to the pick-up and drop-off zone for coaster buses is via Goddard Street and is identified in blue on the attached map. If no bay is available in this zone, drivers must continue through and park in the designated bus parking area. Blocking of car park roads and entries will not be tolerated and infringements will apply.
  • Coaster buses must turn engines off once parked in the pick-up and drop-off zone.
  • Drivers must comply with a direction of an Authorised Officer of the City of Karratha (Karratha Airport) where the direction is reasonably necessary to ensure compliance with these Conditions of Use (e.g. A move on notice)
  • Any breaches of the Conditions of Use will incur an infringement and possible revocation of proximity card.
  • Lost proximity cards are to be immediately reported to Karratha Airport administration. A completed statutory declaration is required when reporting lost cards.
  • Fees will apply to accessing the coaster bus drop-off and pick-up zone. The fees are set in the City of Karratha Fees and Charges and may change at any time.

Bus and Approved Commercial Vehicle Lane

Duration                                          Tariff

 0 - 30 minutes                                    $2.00

31 - 40 minutes                                $10.00

41 - 50 minutes                                $50.00

51 - 60 minutes                                $75.00

Over 61 minutes                            $100.00


(May include tow of vehicle at owner’s expense)

Authorised Airport Bus permits are available from the Karratha Airport office upon completion of the attached form. Fees for permits are as follows:

  1. Permit only $50.00
  2. Permit + $500 credit $500.00
  3. Permit + $1000 credit $1000.00

Please note that unused credit is non-refundable. The fees are set in the City of Karratha Fees and Charges and may change at any time. Each permit allows provision of a proximity card for use in the coaster drop-off and pick-up lane. The amount charged to the card and the remaining available is displayed when tagging out at the exit. Cards can be topped up at any auto pay station.

  • Permits are allocated to a vehicle registration and are not to be shared amongst vehicles. Offenders will face revocation of permit and airport access.
  • Permit applications are processed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays only at the Karratha Airport office. Payment can be by EFTPOS, Credit card or cash. Payment must be made prior to issuing of proximity card and authorised bus parking sticker. Where multiple permits are held by a company, an invoice can be prepared. Please consult the Airport Commercial Manager to request invoice account.
  • Permits and proximity cards remains the property of the City of Karratha and must be returned upon cessation of operation.
  • It is an offence to bring or consume alcohol at Karratha Airport except where the facility is licensed under the Liquor Control Act 1988. Any driver found to supply alcohol for consumption by them or their passengers, or supply on behalf of a passenger within the airport boundary will face immediate removal from the airport and be reported to Police. 

Lodge an Authorised Airport Bus Application form