Redevelopment Updates

The appointment of the contract was made April, 2014, to Woollam Constructions. Construction works commenced on 2 June, 2014, with an anticipated duration of 12 months.

The works currently being undertaken are:


  • The renovation of the Male and Female toilets located in the main concourse has been delayed due to a material supply issue which has now been resolved. It is intended to open the new toilet facilities to the public in the week of 20 October 2014.


The perimeter fencing that segregates the construction site form the normal airport operations, referred to as Special Events Zone 2 (SEZ-2) is now complete.

The current works being carried out inside the SEZ.2 being:

  • Demolition of the existing café, departures lounge toilets and plant room and the former arrivals corridor walkway with general removal of all soft furnishings and fitments.
  • The removal and demolition of the former courtyard garden to create the expanded departures lounge.
  • The removal and relocation of the public artwork metal sculptures to the front landscaped area of the terminal.
  • The removal and replanting of various shrubs, palms and cycads to numerous locations around the City of Karratha, named as, front of airport terminal, City of Karratha head Office, Apex park.
  • Installation of the foundations to support the new upper floor
  • Re-routing of existing power supplies to maintain continuity of services to the airport.


  • The New dual lane baggage reclaim carousel.
  • The removal of the departures airlock.
  • The baggage tug tunnel airside.
  • The removal of the children’s play area and connection offices to create temporary seating zone.
  • The installation of hoardings to form the Stage Two works zone:
    • The diverted flow of arriving passengers via the departures lounge.

The current layout of the airport terminal will remain in this configuration until the end of February 2015. Once completed the hoardings will be removed to offer the public the new international lounge, screening area, departures lounge & arrival reclaim toilet facilities, lift to the upper floor and part extension to the domestic departures lounge.

A 4 minute HD video of the proposed airport is now on general display at the airport to show the proposed layout.

A time lapse camera has been installed and is capturing the live progress on site hour by hour. On completion of the Project the footage will be turned into short video to show the complete Project from start to finish. The image below is one still from the camera.


Task or event

Project timeline


Project Initiation/Commencement

2 October 2012


Concept design development

January 2013


Council endorsement of Concept Design

18 March 2013


Schematic and Detailed Design development

5 July 2013


Full documentation for tender

15 November 2013


Council decision to progress to tender

18 November 2013


Tenders open

25 November 2013


Appoint Builder

May 2014


Construction Commencement

June 2014